Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Foundation-Hang your head 7" Euro tour edition

I was gutted last year when I missed Foundation (and Expire) in Manchester but I had an operation the next day so I just couldn't really do it. Still, four months later and I managed to grab a copy of the tour edition 7" they were selling. It's the control records release (not the SFU one), numbered out of 100 and with stamped white labels.I got this really cheap, in fact had I picked it up at the show then it would have been more. This marks my 4th copy. I also have a spare clear copy of the control press version, limited again to 100. Hit me up if you wanna trade or whatever.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Disaster-War cry 12" Repress

Wooaaah!!! As represses go this could be one of the very best ever. Paco of La Vida Es Un Mus records has done us proud. This version features an obi strip, a booklet, a Japanese transalation sheet and a 2 song flexi which are Discharge covers taken from two old compilation albums. I picked up an original copy of the 12" last year but I'm just as stoked to get this. Disaster were a short lived band from Halifax in the early 90's. They worshipped Discharge as is evident on this record. The real Discharge were playing wank metal and it was years before the term D-beat was coined yet that is exactly what it was. Since then the original has become the holy grail amongst D-beat collectors. Yet fear no more, you don't have to pay silly money to own a vinyl copy anymore. A limited amount are on white vinyl and the rest on black but only 1000 will be pressed ever with the flexi so get on it.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Morbus Chron-Sleeper in the rift LP

I've been listening to and buying quite a bit of metal stuff of late. There's a whole other world of bands that I don't know much about so it's fun and exciting discovering them. One such band is Morbus Chron. Me Saco Un Ojo records just released their 'sleepers in the rift' album onto vinyl as a split release with Detest records), given the quality of the stuff that label puts out, that alone was enough for me to investigate and I'm glad that I did because it's a cracker. This is old style death metal-make no mistake about it. There's a big Swedish style sound going on but I hear American bands like Autopsy in there too. In short it's not original but it does kick royal ass. Limited copies are on white vinyl and the overall package is damn sweet.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Our war-If you're not now...10" RED

Our war were a Canadian sXe band from over 10 years ago and I could be wrong here but I think they featured the guy who did 'Town of hardcore' fanzine. Anyway, they played some good HARD music and spat out some pissed off lyrics (mainly about sXe of course). Aside from a demo (also pressed on vinyl by Deranged-who did this)I think this was their only release. I first discovered this years after their demise-around 2006 when I picked it up cheap on CD. When I discovered it was out on colour vinyl-it became a want of mine. Not a major mind you, just one that if and when it popped up at the right price I would get it. So eventually it did this week when I scored this off a guy who was selling a bunch of stuff. Unlike some of my blogger buddies I quite like the 10" format if it is used like a 12"(putting just 2 tracks on one is lame). This does look pretty sweet though it must be said. I still need the demo 7" though.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

IRON CHIC- "Not Like This" LP 4th Press Clear

4th pressing of this awesome LP on Dead broke rekerds. Clear vinyl, 100 pressed. This marks my 5th copy and I'm far from done on this one.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Think I care-s/t 7" Blue vinyl

Mike recently posted about Think I care's 10". Good timing as I was already expecting this when I read it. This is the first 7" they did on the defunct Dead alive records (who put out some awesome records by the way). This sounds so pissed off!! The singer clearly has had a bad day. I do prefer their early stuff. In the end they did an album on Bridge nine and it sounded like that they modified their sound to suit that label. Anyway this is raw and uncompromising. I already have a standard black vinyl copy so it's nice to grab this cool looking blue version.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Iron curtain-Demo 2011 7"

How's this for a bit of luck, I went to the Anger battery site ordered a record from their distro section and about a week later got an email saying I'd won a test press draw, which one did I want-the Times together or Iron curtain 7"? I chose the IxC 7" even though I hadn't heard it before. It seemed daft just owning a test press of a record so I ordered a regular copy on white vinyl too.
Musically this is straight from the late 80's sXe style. Done really well and with cool lyrics,this band wouldn't be out of place on Lockin' out records or even React records. I wanna hear more. As you can see the test press is a rip of the classic Iron cross 7". Why not, they both have 'iron' in their name. Just 12 of these bad boys, mine is number 11. This was a great surprise. Shame that doesn't happen evry time I buy a record. I would have a big test press collection if it did.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

History of the hawk-Ocean 7"

Must admit I didn't really fancy hearing this band until Rich sent me a copy of this 7". I was pleasantly surprised. I've heard names like Drive like Jehu and Fugazi thrown around to describe and while I can agree with that to a certain extent I think there's some heavier elements too (like Botch etc). It makes for a potent of blend of engaging music anyhow. Great artwork too and a nice colour vinyl make it an overall lovely package. On speedowax records, I believe a split 7" with deathbed is coming up next on that label.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Deathbed-Oppression 7"

For every douchebag that you encounter in this weird little universe we call hardcore punk there's always some saint that comes along and restores your faith in it. Such a guy is Rich Perri. After learning that I got fleeced last year off the thief who 'ran' Nothing in vain records he kindly decided to send me one of the records that I was meant to get. What a dude!
The record was Deathbed's 'oppression' 7". 3 tracks of metallic vegan straight edge hardcore that sounds like it has been transported directly from the mid 90's. No surprise but these guys have signed to Catalyst records so expect more greatness. It's a shame that this record was released by such a shady chracter as it makes getting a copy pretty difficult but some of these have sent out to distros so hopefully more people will be able to check it out. I think Rich still has copies so if you live in the UK or Europe head over to and ask him and hopefully he should be able to hook you up. Cheers man, much appreciated.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Sleep-Volume one LP (UK pressing)

It's late and I'm tired and I don't feel like writing much so here's some pictures of the first Sleep LP which I got earlier off a friend.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Motorhead/Girlschool-St Valentine's day massacre 10"

It's always good discovering something in your house that you'd forgotten or didn't realise that you had. Such was the case when I found this nice 10" vinyl in a box of crappy records under the stairs that I was going to get rid of. Since I'm on a bit of a Motorhead trip at the moment, the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Recorded way back in Xmas 1980 with Girlschool, this is Lemmy and co on top form. 3 tracks and on a nice thick, heavy 10" record. I see the 7" seems to sell well on Ebay but this format is cooler.

Friday, 3 February 2012

V/A "No Peace/War comp” 7” Test press

Nate, the old singer of Rot in hell was selling some of his RIH raraties recently. I missed out on the kvlt ov kali box set due to my own stupid fault when I didn't get back to him straight away. It went for big money!!! I didn't make the same mistake twice when he emailed me to say someone had flaked on this test pressing and that I could have it for a reasonable price. I posted about this 7" comp (on organised crime records)last year when I scored the box set with all the colours in it. It's basically a holy terror fan's wet dream. Bands like Integ, RIH etc doing covers of songs from old Jap hardcore bands. This is limited to 35 which is pretty high for a test pressing. Anyway nice to have it although I know there's a rejected test press out there too so no doubt I'll have to snap one of those up whenever I see one. Nate also threw in a End Reign 7". What a nice chap!!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Orange Goblin-A eulogy for the damned LP

Whenever anyone asks me to describe Orange goblin, I don't say stoner or doom etc, I just say it's ROCK!!!!! These guys have been around a while, put out some great records and they're a treat to see live too. In fact seeing these with Firebird and Solace at the end of 2010 was one of the best gigs of that year for me. There was a rumour going around a couple of years ago that they were splitting up. Thankfully that didn't happen otherwise we wouldn't have this new album, released on back on black (and I thought they only put out reissues!!!). It's more of the same Goblin trademark sound-in other words it ROCKS!!! My mate says whenever he listens to the goblin that he feels like having a beer. Well I don't drink anymore but I can get behind that statement. In a lush gatefold sleeve and on clear wax. Awesome!!!