Sunday, 16 August 2015

Iron maiden-Twilight zone 7"

Fresh pick up from a trip to the flea market this morning. I'm not a huge Maiden collector anymore. I've said it before but I deeply regret getting rid of my maiden stuff in the 80's when I got into hardcore but I do have a thing for the early stuff so I still grab the odd thing here and there. I always loved this track but it was never released on any album and it was out of print not long after it came out . It was reissued briefly in the early 90's but it many ways it's still very much a long forgotten and even lost track. Another gem from the Di'anno era.

I would have liked to have snagged a colour copy but I can live with a plain black vinyl version. It's that cover that I find really striking. All the sleeve artwork from this era was the best and we get to see Charlotte (the harlot) in her beauty.