Sunday, 22 August 2010

Bastard noise-A culture of monsters LP

I was a huge Man is the bastard/Charred remains fan back in the early 90's and had most of their records (my favourite being the split with Crossed out-which must still rank of one of the best splits EVER). When they first used the name Bastard noise it was for their noise/power electronics stuff and a seperate project from their guitar stuff and I thought that's all it still was but when I decided to give this a go (I do like the odd noise record still)I was floored-it's full power violence similar to the stuff from around the Sum of the men album era. In other words it's fucking awesome and is one of the picks for the best records of 2010 which has so far been a ridiclously good year for great music. The packaging is something else too-lush gatefold sleeve, big assed poster and a choice of red, white and blue vinyl. I opted for white but I'm tempted to complete the set . I definitely need the split with Endless blockade now and any other stuff I've missed.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Burning love-Songs for burning lovers LP red

From the ashes of Cursed came Burning love. A bit less darker and more rockier than Cursed but still hard hitting, Burning love put out a well recieved demo (which was released by Thirty days of night + more recently by Derranged records) and this is the follow up and boy does it kick ass. Hell , it even reminds me of Motorhead a bit. I caught them live last year in Lancaster and they played a great show. It was a cold Sunday night in October and a lot of fun was had at the expense of a local drunken crusty. I believe they are touring again this year. I'm there already.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Black flag-Nervous breakdown 7" Red

Have to admit as a kid when I first got into hardcore I never bothered with Black flag-I thought they were overrated musically (although I never denied their importance-probably the most important hardcore band ever actually)and also I always thought Henry Rollins was a bit of a cock. I was more into NYHC shit like Agnostic front, and other old stuff like Minor threat and and Circle jerks -I still prefer all those bands but in recent years I have come to appreciate the brilliance of Black flag and I don't even mind Rollins as much. I wish I had felt this way when I saw him at Reading in 1992-I may have really appreciated it.The main aspect of Black flag for me though is Greg Ginn's totally amazing guitar work-it's so chaotic and unpredictable -yet is water tight and precise at the same time. Amazing!! Anyway I don't have too much Flag stuff in the way of colour vinyl so it's always nice to have a new addition. This only cost me ten quid so I'm pretty happy with it.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Desperate Measures lot

Scored a big lot of Desperate measures records which is handy as I only previously had the CD. Here's what was included;
Desperate Measures - Its On Your Hands (White) Youngblood Posi Press/125
Desperate Measures - Its On Your Hands (Black) Youngblood Stamped Summer Tour 2002 /250
Desperate Measures - Its On Your Hands (Black) Youngblood /500
Desperate Measures - Its On Your Hands (Blue) Youngblood /300
Desperate Measures - Its On Your Hands (clear) Youngblood Winter Tour Cover 91/200
Desperate Measures - Its On Your Hands (clear) Youngblood 2nd Press /300
Desperate Measures - Its On Your Hands (clear) Youngblood 2nd Press Black Red Labels/450
Desperate Measures - Never Enough Time (black) Youngblood - Pre/Record Release stamped labels
Desperate Measures - Never Enough Time (black) Youngblood - final press/posi #s 05 - 42/125
Desperate Measures - Never Enough Time (Blue) Youngblood /275
Desperate Measures - Never Enough Time (Clear) Youngblood /325
Desperate Measures - Never Enough Time (Black) Youngblood /400
Got it at a good price too. Stoked!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Cleanser-Unclean 7"

Not every record that makes these blogs will be great because sadly every record collector picks up a stinker or two-this stinker came in the form of a Cleanser record that I found off my local flea market for a quid. A quid too much. In fact if it had been free and had come with a £20 note I would have still felt cheated. Looking at their myspace page (yes everyone has one, even shit bands that broke up years ago which no one cared about) and this is what they have to say for themselves;
'Formed in 1995, Cleanser played a style of Hardcore/metal that was ahead of it's time.
They mixed Hardcore/Metal & Melodic parts to create a unique sound. Derek's metallic riffage, Keith's unique drumwork, mixed with the very unique vocals of The one and only Christian McKnight brought a style of metalcore that was new to the scene form 1995-98.
This sytle is very popular today & Cleanser was one of the bands to start it all.'

Okay let's look into the hyperbole- to start off with there were LOADS of bands playing this style of hardcore in the 90's-many of them were pretty rubbish but Cleanser were possibly the crappest of them all. This record is an embarrassment. The vocals and the music sucks. The 3 songs here are the longest tracks you will ever hear. No, they're not epic in length or anything-they're so bad it just seems like they're neverending. Let's hope nobody eggs them on into a reunion-trust me they would get laughed off stage especially in this day and age where musicianship seems to be considered to be more important than ever before. The saving grace is that this is only a 7"-I imagine having to cope with a full length CD would drive me to suicide. The cover is horrible too. Did I mention that I don't really like this record?