Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Landmine marathon-Souvereign descent LP

I'd never heard of this band until recently and when I did get round to first listening to them it was like getting hit in the face with a sledgehammer (well that's how I imagine it to feel, thankfully nobody has ever smashed me in the face with one). Crushingly heavy riffs with the sickest female vocals I have ever heard. Seriously this girl is possessed.
I believe this is their third album so I do need to track down their entire back catalog on the strength of this. Prosthetic Records released the CD but Deep six records have very kindly supplied the vinyl and there are 100 on this nice orange colour.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hands tied-s/t 7" Project X rip off sleeve

Nice to track down a copy of this niggly longtime want of mine. One of those records that I always seemed to get beaten to the post with on eGay. So a copy came up for set sale and I decided to treat myself. Hands tied was the band that came after Mouthpiece yet only had a small release output (along with a much later released 7" of old recordings). I remember going to see them in Birmingham 1998 where they played with Ten yard fight. Was quite a memorable evening not because of the actual show (which was good but not mindblowing, maybe because it was on a Sunday night and people were saving their energy to the following mudane Monday morning) but because I met the infamous character in UKHC at the time, Squashead and because I went back to Manchester and watched Stone cold Steve Austin win the royal rumble in the small hours of the next day.
I'm a fan of bands ripping off sleeves of classic records (although it has been done to death admitably) and this is a great job. They done the Project X 7" justice even to the inner sleeve. 300 of these were pressed on this nice colour of vinyl.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Judge-New York Crew 7" Schism first press

Crikey is it really 22 years since I first bought a copy of this classic hardcore record? I remember picking up a brand new third pressing on Schsim from Alans record shop in Wigan (now just a BMX/skate place)for about 3 quid-those were the days, eh? Shame this first pressing wasn't as cheap but I guess with the existence of eGay and the fact that is a classic of that golden era I could have paid a bit more. So now I have two Schism pressings. So what really needs to be said that hasn't been said about this great record already? I remember being stunned at the time how aggressive and seemingly militant the straight edge lyrics were. A bit of a contrast compared to the usual positive approach of Youth of today's stance on straight edge. I mention that because Porcell (who played bass/guitar on this) was also a member of YOT, as you already probably know. And I didn't even know who Blitz were at the time when I heard Judge's cover version of 'warriors'.
Anyway a 1000 copies of this were pressed in 1988, followed by second and third pressings in the same quantity followed by a repress by Revelation with a much glossier and slicker looking colour cover (which kind of diluted the primal and raw approach of the original release). A bona fide classic.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Rot in Hell/Horders-split 7"

Feast of tentacles records just put this out, you can never have enough Rot in hell records in my opinion although anyone expecting the raging holy terror metal they normally belt out may be a bit surprised, shocked even as their two tracks are both acoustic numbers with proper singing. The lyrics to the first song are amazing by the way. Horders, on the flip side, are a band (!) that I know nothing about, could be it something related with Rot in hell? Anyway their two tracks are both instrumental, quite sublime and really nice.
The pre-order version of this fine release comes on lovely blue vinyl and limited to 100 I believe with a cool guitar plectrum.

I also got a test pressing, numbered 7/10 off my good mate Mark which was a really nice and not to mention cool surprise gift, many thanks dude,

I haven't posted anything to do with their long awaited album on Deathwish yet but trust me it's coming.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Dead and gone test presses

Dead and gone records sadly called it a day last year. In their few year existence they released 40 records including a few that have rightfully gone on to be highly acclaimed like the Champion'promises kept' LP, the first SSS LP (before it was re-released by earache) and so on. Even many of their earlier releases were awesome but seem almost long forgotten now like numbers 11 & 12 which I aquired the test presses of this week.
Number 11 was the Fifty on red 7". Fifty on Red were a straight edge band from Leicester (hey, nobody's perfect) and their 2005 E.P. was really good. This marks my 4th copy of this record. At least it's the rarest (and was the most expensive). That cover is pretty rubbish though.

Costing me even more was the On thin ice 7" test pressing. OTI featured the legendary Nate Dean (who now sings in Rot in hell), they also did a split with Down to nothing (which D&G released over here, while Grave mistake records did the stateside release). Totally plain looking but limited to only ten copies.

Seems mad forking out money for a couple of records that even most people in hardcore hardly remember but I guess apart from being a obsessive idiot I'm just trying to preserve a bit of UKHC history.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Dead and gone records bits

Ian Wiles of Dead and gone records was selling some bits recently so I jumped on and got these. First up a grey vinyl dead and gone pressing of the classic Champion promises kept LP limited to just 300. My copy arrived with a bent as fuck cover but I switched around with my black vinyl cover. Still annoying, cheers Royal mail.

Next up is a special tour press of the Legacy-we gave it everything 10" on splattery vinyl limited to 50 and numbered 14/50. Very nice.

Also grabbed a Powered records release of the Loud and clear LP on red vinyl. Limited to 300 I blieve. I have the US pressing on Six feet under records but couldn't resist this.

All in all a pretty decent haul.