Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Massacre-Back from beyond LP

This weekend I finally caught Massacre live at kin hell fest in Leeds. It was a long time coming. I always really liked them back in the day and it was good to see these fat old looking guys crank out some fucking brutal and crushing death metal. I was lucky enough to pick up their new album too on orange vinyl. Freshly released by Century media, this sold out very fast but the band had some for sale on their tour. Limited to either 100 or 200. The cover artwork is a continuation of the one used on their 1991 debut 'from beyond'. Makes sense I suppose. So, is it any good? Hell yeah, it's great. Brutal as hell, these veterans haven't mellowed with age. If you love classic death metal then I recommend you seek this one out.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Bolt thrower-For victory LP

It's always nice when you grab a rare record at a gig for the fraction of the price it would cost you on EBay. It very rarely happens to me but yesterday I'm glad to say it did. So I was at the Kin hell fest in Leeds and browsing through a distro stall I came across this little beauty-an original pressing of Bolt thrower's classic 1994 album on Earache. This has recently been repressed by the label but as I tried to bag the most limited colour I got kicked out of their shitty site because more than 3 people were using it and when I managed to get back in they'd all gone. Rubbish!! I sulked like a four year old at first and then resumed my life as normal. An original black copy is better than one of their stupidly named coloured vinyl anyway ('blazing blue', gruesome green' etc, etc. This is mint too, looks unplayed. This is some of my favourite Bolt thrower shit so after years of just owning the CD it's nice to have the thing on original