Friday, 19 September 2008

Rise Above records package

Got a package from Rise above records last weekend. Tooks ages to come due to the delay of the Blood ceremony LP. Anyway was it worth the wait..? Hmm..I don't know. Not just for this album anyway. I've spun this once so far and I'm not that keen yet. It's got a Sabbath vibe but loads of weird organs + flutes bits. I thought I'd bought a fucking Jethro Tull record at first. Maybe I'll warm to it, you never know. Kerrang like it apparently.

Now for some men's metal. A bit like Manowar musically but with better that would be hard. Actually I do like Manowar on the quiet. Was that my credibilty just making an exit then?
This is good stuff. Their 4th album I think but the first time I've heard them. Play it loud. 200 on clear. Has a big fuck off poster with it as well.

Now here's the best of the bunch. Firebird-This is Bill Steer (ex-Naplam death, Carcass) doing late 60's/early 70's rock type stuff and it fucking rules. I've already listened to it at least 3 times. 300 on this colour I believe. Well worth hunting down. Nice gatefold sleeve too. Get this now!!!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Rudimentary Peni 7" with Neos labels

This turned up in a huge batch of records that I bought off someone last year. I didn't even know it had the Neos label at first so you can imagine my surprise.(and joy) when I found out it did. I do like early Peni stuff, their later stuff isn't really to my taste but the early stuff sounds so angry. Released on Outer himalayan records with the label from the Neos label instead on the B side.Anyways I'm not sure how many of these there were and I've tried finding out. Anyone with info, please get in touch.

Token Entry Ready or not 7"

This is one I've been after for years and actually won it on ebay. Usually I always lose on the last minute but this time I got lucky. It's an old radio copy as well (hence the scribble on the cover). It took forever to come though as it was shipped from the states and then returned. So it's not just Royal mail who are totally shit then. An essential part of any good classic NYHC collection.

Trial Hipster 12"

Okay, this is the one sided 12" by Trial which came out on the Hipster label in the mid 90's sometime. One of those strange releases as I don't thinkit was official and the label had a dodgy rep. I met Duncan Hipster (what a cool name, eh?) a couple of times and he always seemed like a nice guy. Anyway I think this is the demo from 1995. Cheap cover, cheap label-hardly the nicest packaged item but it sounds okay. Between 200-500 of these were pressed and not many got out of Europe. I've owned this before-twice actually but I got a good trade off some American dudes. I found this copy (#3) in a record shop this weekend gone and snapped it up. It is for trade if anyone wants it.


Okay, this is my first EVER blog (on here anyway!!) so it's mainly a tester. I'll mainly be going on about records since that is my obsession. Fellow geeks will understand, everyone else won't.

So let the nerdness comence.