Thursday, 29 September 2011

Slapshot=Step on it LP Red

I first purchased a copy of this album back in 1989 from my local store (which is thankfully still around). It was a boring black copy but what a record!!! Skip forward 23 years later and I'm getting my first colour version. Limited to just 500. This was also released on green I think and I'm guessing it was the same number. Anyway like I already said what a fucking record!!!!!!!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Betrayed-Substance LP

One of the unsung classic sXe records from the last decade for me is 'Substance' by Betrayed. Fronted by Aram who did time in Champion and now runs the cool but ultra slow (mailoder wise) React records. I got a blue copy (328 pressed) this week so it goes next to my white copy (of 622). These are from the first pressing and there was also a pink vinyl of just 218 and a black test press of just 10 which of course I don't own. A second pressing of 1030 copies were all on white vinyl with a different B side label. I'm even listening to it as I type this stupid nerdy info. Great stuff.

Friday, 16 September 2011

NoFX-Hardcore covers 10"

What the hell? A NoFX record in my collection? My mate sent me a link to this EP on youtube a bit back and thought I'd like it because it was covers of old classic bands like Agnostic front, Stretchmarks etc. He was right. I'd certainly never heard that side of NoFX before. Anyway that got me looking on the sites for a copy. It was released on two formats- a 7" and one sided 10" on Fat wereck chords. Both colour versions had sold out (as is the way with fat wreck-a label that still does limited colour releases like labels used to before vinyl became a serious collector's only format-bless 'em). I decided to have a look on the bay and managed to bag a reasonably priced copy (before postage costs). The packaging in minimal to say the least. Just the nofx hardcore symbol spoof on the front and a sticker. No track listing or anything. Not even a fat wreck logo anywhere. So there you have my first and probably only ever NoFX record. Blimey!!!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

IRON CHIC- "Not Like This" LP 3rd press

This is the third pressing of 'Not like this' (the dead broke rekerds release). 400 on pink and 200 on orange. I'm loving this shit at the moment. I own four copies of this record at the moment and the annoying thing is that I'm nowhere near completion as there's also European pressing on YO Yo records in a variety of different colours. Well it gives us geeks something to do I guess in between working and sleeping while normal people lead lives.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Nazi dust-s/t 7"

A killer 7" that came and went quickly on the red hot Youth attack records. Shit, nearly everything sells out quickly on that label and this was no exception. It's pretty thrashy hardcore with vocalist who sounds a bit like Pushead (Septic death). Since I'm a life long SD junkie that can only be good news for me. I managed to score this off the bay at a fair price I guess. If postage wasn't so fucking high these days it would have been quite a bit cheaper. This shit's been rocking my ipod for a few weeks and now it will causing mayhem on my turntable.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Ringworm-scars LP

Scary to think it’s over 18 years since I discovered the mighty Ringworm with their classic debut album ‘the promise’. I was obsessed with Integrity at the time so anything that sounded similar I just had to have and with Ringworm also being from Cleveland appealed even more. Although similar to the metallic hardcore that Integ was pumping out Ringworm still had a distintive style with human furnace’s vocals and the shredding guitar work. It made for some great music. Nearly two decades later we have a new album and it kicks fucking ass. The band have gotten more death metal influenced musically over the years but it’s still hardcore at heart and it still sounds like Ringworm. 500 pressed on vinyl and I got one of the 100 clear smokey ones. It’s definitely one of my picks for my favourite releases of 2011 so far. Get on it