Sunday, 28 November 2010

H-100's-Live LP

I've been a fan of Cleveland hardcore since the 90's when I discovered the greatness of Integrity et all. The h-100's were a band that seemed to stand out of that scene. Featuring local legend Tony Erba-there was just something so primal and nihilistic about them. Non-comercial records have released this historial document-a live show recording from 1995. The quality is pretty decent-as it's from a soundboard (not a shitty tape recorder like some records are). This is a supossed one off pressing of 500 with just 200 on colour and the rest on black. The screen printed sleeve is basic yet effective. Someone should put all the 7"s on one LP, surely they would sell well. Anyway I'd advise you grab one of this before they vanish. 'm glad that I did.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Bloodtype-s/t 7" Test pressing

A few posts ago I was harping about the Bloodtype 7" on Cowabunga records and I said that I had a test pressing coming and here it is. Actually it looks a bit crap, the best part is the label. Still a great 7" and nice to be in the exclusive group of owning one of these. I reckon this will be record people will be going on about in a few years time.

Strife-In this defiance LP Grey

I managed to grab this again. It marks my second copy as believe it or not somebody gave me a warzone 7" on orange for it many years ago. I have to say I've never even heard it since then let alone owned it. It's a really good record as well although not up to the standard as their debut 'One truth' which is a sXe classic. Not sure how many these were limited to. Knowing Victory back then I'd guess around 500 or below. I have good memories of seeing Strife back in the 90's when they toured the UK. The first time was with Sick of it all and they stole the show easy and the next time was at the 1 in 12 club where a fight broke out in the pit. Actually it was a beating as the guy got pummeled. It wasn't nice. This album is though and it's good to have it back in my collection.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Iron age-Constant struggle LP red

Scored this off Egay last week, it's a special pressing of Iron age's debut LP which was sold at the 10th anniversary bash for Youngblood records on red vinyl and numbered out of 225. I got this at a good price but it marks my fifth copy of this record. Sadder still,I'm missing the recent clear vinyl repress which I will have to pick up at some point. Yeah I know, I need to get out more.
Seriously though, this record is still a killer. Although I prefer their 2nd album (the sleeping eye) this is still a cracking record. I got into hardcore through metal and it was the crossover stuff that led me to where I am today and this reminds me of something I would have been listening to when I was 16-17 and yes that was quite a while ago.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

DS13-Killed by the kids LP (Havoc records) Clear

Jeez I'm getting lazy with this blog. I need to sort that shit out. Anyway I got something in the post this week I'd been after for ages-the DS13 'killed by the kids' LP on clear, the most limited colour of just 100. My main reason for wanting this was to complete the set-I have the marble colour (2500 pressed) and the Thrashfest edition on orange (300) so I'm happy to get this. Cheers to Mel for the trade. DS13 were from Sweden and played straight up thrashy hardcore punk and it for a brief period in the early 00's everyone liked them although they don't seem as largely remembered as they should be. I love this LP. Everything about from the basic production, the lyrics and the awesome Pushead sleeve just scream out what hardcore punk is all about (to me anyway).