Friday, 10 January 2014

The Stupids-The kids don't like it LP Test press

Ah, The Stupids. One of my all time favourite UK bands ever. When I first got into hardcore in the late 80’s, the UK scene was really big thanks to bands like Napalm death etc. While I dug the grindcore stuff I really related to the stupids because I was more into the US HC sound and so were they. In fact they even dressed and acted American (a cardinal sin in  UK hardcore punk at the time). I didn’t agree with all their daft (and sometimes dodgy) lyrics but musically they were the shit.
 At some point a few years ago Tommy Stupid (after years of being a Drum & Bass DJ) decided to resurrect The stupids again (hey everyone else was doing it). Unlike a lot of reunions of old bands it wasn’t a disaster and their 2009 comeback album ‘The kids don’t like it’ on Boss tunage was actually rather fucking good.

 I recently managed to acquire this test pressing of said album-this is the rejected version on clear. Only 5 were made. The original album itself was released on a clear with black splatter specks so this copy feels extra special despite no proper sleeve or anything.

Friday, 3 January 2014

2013 list

Okay, I'm glad to see the back of 2013 for many personal reasons. That said, it was an awesome year for music. This list was done at the top of my head so I've probably missed loads out. For anyone who cares, here we go...
Best releases.
Plenty of superb i said I've probably missed some out but here are some of the things that rocked my turntable and ipod the most...
Crusades-Perhaps you pass this judgement…LP (No Idea)
Uncle Acid-Mind control LP (Rise above)
Rival mob-Mob mentality LP (Revelation)
Violent reaction-city streets LP (Painkiller)
Hounds of hate-s/t LP (Painkiller)
Age of Taurus-Tortured souls of desperate times LP (Rise above)
Septic tank-the slaughter 7” (Rise above)

Best gigs
As you can tell most of the gigs were local (I live about 30 miles from Manchester). No gigs on foreign soil last year...maybe this year?
Grand Magus-Manchester (Feb)
Dinosaur Jr –Manchester (Feb)
Violent reaction/Hounds of hate-Manchester (July)
Rival mob/Mind eraser-London (Oct)
Black Sabbath/Uncle acid-Manchester (Dec)

Best pick ups
Not a great year for ultra rare pick up's this year. I had such a great 2012 for that, it's almost like I had a quiet 2013 because of it, like my luck could only stretch so far. Anyway here's my favourite things that I got. Hopefully 2014 will be the year of some big scores.
Larm-orginal LPs.
No tolerance-No tolerance, no remorse 7” Test press
Chain of strength-The one thing…LP Green

Integrity test presses. 
Brotherhood-No tolerance..7" Blue