Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Violent reaction-City streets LP

Everyone's raving about the violent reaction LP and for good reason too. It's superb!!! Anyway I'm happy as I got two very limited versions. The first photo is of the UK pressing on Quality control on blue vinyl. Just 100 copies pressed and they went quick as you'd expect.
 The second copy is the US release on Painkiller and my copy is on red. If Marcus considers himself lucky to have grabbed one of these then so do I. I've still no idea how many there are on this colour. Not many I bet. As you can see the covers for both records are totally different so for once I don't feel too silly owning more than one copy of a record.
 So onto the music-it's total UK82 style with hateful, angry straight edge lyrics. Seriously it is. This could have come out on riot city or No future back in the 80's.