Saturday, 15 February 2014

Parasite-Proof of the existence 7" Test press

Annoying when you get hold of a test pressing of a record that you don't own a proper release for especially when you collect all their records anyway which is the case of Parasite and their new 7" on Holy terror, This is still awesome. Two tracks of a  hybrid of punk and metal.
Still I'm  happy with this as it's now the second Parasite test press that I own and I've got another on the way. Happy days.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Reason to believe-The next door 7"

I'd actually hadn't realized that I didn't own this anymore until Marcus posted his 111th copy of this on his blog. I used to have it-where did it go? Anyway a friend and I were arranging some shirt trades and he brought this up so we sorted something out. It's a second pressing-I'm not bothered about owning a collection of Marcus's proportions when it comes to this record just yet but I did need to get hold of at least one version.
 I'd forgotten that it's a really great little record. When it came out I was too busy getting blown away by all the Rev stuff like GB's, Chain of strength, side by side etc to really care that much about it despite owning a copy. Goes to show how you can sleep on something for so long. Guess I need a copy of their album now.