Friday, 28 December 2012

Jerry's Kids -Kill, kill, kill LP

Every self respecting hardcore collector should own a copy of the first Jerry’s Kids LP ‘Is this my world’ (preferably an original on X-Claim) but hardly anyone ever mentions the second LP (Kill, kill, kill). Released at the end of the 80’s  on Taang ( and licensed through Europe on Emergo) this album saw Jerry’s kids go in a more rock/metal direction  not unlike their Boston comrades (and old X-claim label mates)  SSD and DYS but the difference being that their later stuff wasn’t utter dog shit. To be honest like many other folk I still never bothered with this until a while ago when I came across it in a file of Boston HC MP3s that I downloaded and was surprised that it was actually pretty decent. By no means a classic and certainly not essential (unlike their debut) but still worth picking up at a decent price. As luck would have someone I knew was selling it cheap so there it was-a good excuse to add it to the collection….unfortunately that second DYS album still lives there.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Boston Strangler-Primitive LP

One of the most sought after recent hardcore albums in years-this started going for silly money straight away. Probably because it wasn't clear who had released it and where you could actually purchase  a copy (apart from ebay and discogs). Anyway it turned out that Fun with smack records put this out although getting a copy was still tricky. Mike got in touch sending a link to their big cartel site when some were available but when I finally logged on they were gone, damn!!! A couple of weeks later he alerted me when more were available and this time time I got lucky. Only snag that it was part of a combo package deal where you had purchase a record by a Dinosaur Jr-esque band called Mudlark-with a name like that it's no wonder the only way to shift their album was by paring it up with a highly sought item. Actually that record isn't too bad but no way would have I had bought it individually.
 So not much needs to said about boston strangler-even if you know nothing about them the name should indicate what they sound like-Total '82 Boston HC worship-oh and they come from Boston too.. This is a instant classic. Thanks Mike again.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Crusades-The sun is down ....LP White

When I heard there was another colour pressing of this LP I jumped on it, I've ranted and raved about this album enough. It was my fave thing of last year and I listened to it religiously which is ironic as every track is rather anti-religion.
So this is my third copy on colour and even though the other two are the It's alive US pressings, this is a European press between It's alive, Razor, Destructure and hardware records,  Apparently this was done for their recent European tour (which I missed) and I'm not sure of how many were pressed.
Needless to say if any more colours get released then I'll be on it because that's what I do.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

ISTERISMO - Folia Verso L’interno MLP Purple

I've been getting more and more into Japanese hardcore over the last year or two (can't believe it took so long) and funny enough Isterismo were one of the bands that got the ball rolling when I picked up a Discography LP of sorts a while back. They actually worship early 80's Italian hardcore and even sing (well shout) in Italian.Anyway they're back with a brand new release and it's a stormer, a split release between LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS records of the UK and Crust War records of Japan so you already feel you're getting something a bit special. 100 were pressed on colour and they went within a couple of hours. I was real lucky getting hold of one. Of course this needs to be played LOUD for full effect.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Operation Ivy-Hectic 12" Clear

Originally released back in 1988 on Lookout records, nearly quarter of a century later Hellcat records have decided to reissue this again but on 12". Don't ask why. Sure it looks nice but it seems pretty pointless to be honest not that didn't deter me from buying a clear vinyl copy. I can try and justify to myself that I don't own an original anymore but I still feel a bit of a dick for being suckered into getting this.
 Never been a fan of Ska so Ska punk has never really done much for me but for some reason I always had a soft spot for these guys when I first heard them back in the early 90's. This record is a lot rawer than the now legendary album. It's nice to hear this again and at least I can file it away now with the LP but still I reckon I must have 'idiot' tatoo on my forehead that only I can't see.