Friday, 18 January 2013

Cathedral_a new ice age 12" Green

Despite loving the first two albums I had a phase where I really went off Cathedral. It wasn’t until the surprise triumph of 2010’s awesome ‘The guessing game’ until I started being a fan again. I ashamed to say that I never got to see them live, gutted. When their last record, this 12”, dropped at the end of 2011 as their last release I was content owning just the purple vinyl version despite there being various other colours (including just 100 copies each on white and clear, which were only sold at their last show). It wasn’t until reading this month’s record collector which stated that the green vinyl copy is now worth £55 that I decided to go and grab one since my local store stil had it in. Must admit solid green vinyl records give me an hard on and this looks great, limited to 300 copies,
So these two last tracks are a great send off to a great band that were often misunderstood (even by me) .

Friday, 11 January 2013

Enough-Common visions LP

About 18 months or so ago, I was introduced to Enough by Mike via their demo which had been released on 7”. Despite it not being original it sounded great-better than many bands’ ‘official’ records never mind demo’s.  Brilliantly executed and heartfelt old school style sXe hardcore but for some reason the world hasn’t caught on. By rights, Enough should be on a label like Revelation or Bridge nine but justice doesn’t always prevail. Still, their debut LP is nothing short of storming. I ordered this direct from Assault records and got the stamped numbered version.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Turbonegro-Sexual harassment LP

It’s always tricky when a band gets a new singer. More often than not it spells decline especially with the die hard fans but in Turbonegro’s case with ex-Dukes of nothing front man Tony Sylvester, it’s just another chapter in their book of greatness. Easily the best band I saw in 2012 have also delivered probably the best album of that year too. Although this arrived about a month after I ordered it I got an instant download which I played at least 4 times in 12 hours-I knew I was hooked straight away. Tony’s gruff vocals add an extra dimension to the band’s awesome brand of rock. It kinda reminds me a bit of Jerry A’s (of Poison idea) style which is no bad thing. The music is still catchier than herpes and the lyrics are just as sleazy and twisted as ever.
 The vinyl package is nice. Gatefold sleeve on a hot pink coloured wax (only available through mail order). Essential to any fan. I do need to get on the case and add lots more to my Turbonegro collection though. Here we go again….

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 highlights list

As Chain of strength once said 'I can't believe another year's gone by..'. Oh well, 2012 was another great year for music in my book. Some great releases, some amazing gigs and some awesome scores---in fact I managed to track down some BIG items-some longtime wants I never thought that I was going to own.
 So here we are, my best of 2012 no order.


Corrosion of conformity-s/t
Orange Goblin-Eulogy for the damned
Burning love-rotten thing to say
Dragonforce-The power within
Turbonegro-Sexual harassment
Admiral sir Cloudsey Shovell-Don’t hear it…
Morbus Chron-Sleeper in the rift
Institution-Domen ar satti
Boston Strangler-Primitive


Unholy majesty-s/t
Rot in hell Termini Terrae
No remorse-No remorse, no tolerance
Electric wizard-Legalise drugs and murder
Violent reaction-s/t

Break it up/Orange Goblin (@Morrowfest, Nottingham  May)
Turbonegro-Manchester (November)
Poison idea/Cokebust/Wormrot (@Obscene extreme) Trutnov (July)
Kill the client-London (October)
Lotus Fucker-Manchester (November)
Backtrack-Manchester (April)

Iron Maiden-Soundhouse tapes 7” (Signed copy)
Black Sabbath-3 LPs with the vertigo swirl labels
V/A-NYHC together
Infest-s/t 7” Clear
Larm-No one can be that dumb 7”
Bastard-Wind of pain LP
Deathside-Bet on the possibility LP