Tuesday, 21 October 2008

SSS-1st LP Limited show editions

Okay to celebrate the release of the new SSS album I've decided to dig out two special versions of the 1st Lp. It was first released by dead and gone records in 2006 with 300 pressed on clear and the rest pressed on black and then re-released by earache last year with 100 on red and the rest on black. Also Foxy and the boys got a special set of different colours each but good luck getting those unless you can blag them off the band.
There were two special show releases. The Thrashbag (above) was sold at the annual Night of the living dead bash in October 2006 and although it may look fucking ghastly you can't get into the bastard either as it's stitched up without unstitching it so I've left it because I'm lazy. Only 20 of these were made. Next up is the Waltons pack sold at the Muncipal waste gig in August 2007 which SSS and some other bands who still party like it's 1987 played in Liverpool. Apparently singer Foxy has a love for old TV show 'The waltons' (really) so as a special tribute he did this. pretty cool eh? He's sprayed the covers too. This is on red vinyl and comes with poster and other titbits. Just 30 of these buggers were made. A very nice little novelty item.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Hello!! Not posted anything for a while I know but I've been busy with work, house stuff and general laziness/slackness just kicked in. Anyways I've been wondering which direction to take this wholeset up in. Marcus just reviews stuff that he gets through the mail and Lins digs into his collection and unearths his treasures. Decided I'm going to do a bit of both as I do get a lot of stuff in the post and I do have plenty here at home that somebody may find interesting. Okay, keep tuned.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Sloth-Division 1 State champs LP

I picked this up at a gig the other week when I saw a Dutch band called Den of robbers play in Liverpool. Sometimes one great thing about distro stalls is that you can find odd bits + pieces that have been sold out for years everywhere else. I mean this stall even had some Slapaham records stuff there (which called it a day in 2001). Anyway this is where I found this little gem. Sloth are one of the power violence bands whose records are fairly collectable now. Truth be told the only thing by them I've heard prior to this was the split with Hangnail which I must have played about twice (which says something I guess) but I was interested in checking this out and it is damn fine. Brutal yet innovative and varied. Up there with the likes of Man is the bastard etc I reckon. This is a pressing of only 250 on the Paniac label. as you can see my number is 175. Love the Celtic Frost rip off logo too.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Bugout society-Yo baby sup LP

I first bought this back in 1993 and after one listen passed it onto someone else, well that someone recently had a big clear out of his records and gave me a load of stuff and guess what in there? Yep, this. Funny enough I had just recently listened to the 'Look at the children now' NYHC compilation LP for the first time in years and thought that Bugout society's contribution was easily the worst track on there so I didn't have high hopes when I decided to spin this again considering I thought it was shit in the first place. Well guess what? I actually quite like it. No, I'm not in love with it but I did enjoy it when I played it again. Look at the myspace page (yes they have one even though they split up years ago) and they describe themselves as a cross between Beastie boys, Ramones and Adrenalin O.D and I guess that would be about right. Silly lyrics too and the band features Bill Florio who went onto become a legend in his own right with his Max. rock + roll magazine colums. This was put on Drunken Shaolin records (great name, that!!).