Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Earth Crisis-Firestorm 7" Green

I know Earth crisis are a sore point with some folk and they certainly had a lot of people talking back in the day but I do regard this record to be a 90's hardcore classic. No doubt!! Face it where many of us went vegetarian when we heard Youth of today's 'no more' we took the next step and went vegan when ExC came along. Something I'm still proud of (and more important than being straight edge although being sober is something I'm pleased with too). Shame they went shit after their first album but hey at least they left us three stomping records with this being the best. Released back in 1993 by victory records, I always had a black vinyl copy as well as the CD with the bonus track but seeing that I'm on a bit of a 90's trip at the moment I decided it was time to man up and grab a green one. Limited to 220 so I believe and it looks fucking boss.