Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Uncle acid-Mind control

Last year I was gutted when I missed the all of the limited Die hard versions of one of 2013’s best albums-Uncle acid;Mind control. I had to settle for a regular copy from my local shop. Fast forward nearly 18 months later and I manage to bag one-only this is one of the ultra rare versions on tri-colour vinyl that was meant for friends and family of the band only. So rare that hardly anyone knew of it’s existence until a handful turned up recently in the rise above store-and to no surprise they went instantly. I've no idea how many exist. I do know that the other die hard colours are black (100), Clear (100) and purple (200). Those are still highly sought after so I shudder to think how much this would command on Ebay. It comes in a die cut sleeve with poster and a orange patch (to match the colour-the other editions did the same). It’s a sweet package and it’s good to be grabbing some of the good shit again from rise above after missing out on several recent releases.