Saturday, 5 September 2009

In honour of the original Halloween movie.

Yeah fuck you Rob Zombie for trying to ruin the legacy of a classic horror movie with your abortion of a remake in 2007. No doubt your recent follow up will suck dicks as well. Anyway here's a cool Michael Myers doll that I picked up at a car boot sale a while back. The original movie (and the original sequel) still fucking rock.

Think I care-Mongrel 10" Pre-order

Scored this off eGay recently. Nice price but fucking postage from States bumped it up considerably which always pisses me off. Anyway this is probably my favourite record by Think I care and this is a nice item to have. it's #ed 049 of 187 and on lovely red vinyl.

Septic death-Now that I have your attention LP Boot

Ah Septic death. I've been a fan since 1988 when someone gave me a copy of this on a badly recorded cassette (with Attitude adjustment 'American paranoia' being on the other side). I nearly shit myself when I first heard this. Anyway being a collector SD are a total nightmare. Millions of things out that usually command daft prices on eGay. Anyway I picked up this lovely looking bootleg at a show the other night simply because it was on red vinyl, It says 10/104 on the back and doing a bit of research I believe there is a even more limited quantity on blue. Anyway I recommend this release to collectors and just anyone who hasn't checked them out before (otherwise you'd own this record in some form already).

Friday, 4 September 2009

RIP The Caribbean club.

It looks like a shithole and it was but this place has a bit of history to it. Can you believe that The Offspring, No FX, Neurosis, Rancid played there in the early 90's with some long forgotten acts like Victim's family, Lag wagon and some that have completely slipped my mind. Hell, Extreme noise terror played here in the late 80's. I think that was the first time I went there. Anyway it's finally shut it's doors. Probably a good thing it was really only a host to bad drum & bass + dance nights before the end. Anyway, goodbye to a part of Preston's hardcore/Punk past.