Saturday, 31 December 2011

Midnight-Satanic royalty LP

Midnight have been around a while. A mate actually gave me one of their 7"s in a trade a few years ago but I'd be lying if I said I'd played it more than twice. In fact I was thinking about selling/trading it but I'm glad I didn't now. I only heard this album via download a week ago. It was that good I ordered it straight away. Just 6 days later I recieved it. Considering Hell's headbangers are in the US and I'm in the UK-that's what I call fast!!!! Anyway, Midnight play METAL!!!!! It's more in the NWOBHM style rather than thrash/death/black etc. Seriously, this is one of my faves of 2011. My copy is on dark blue with a nice poster. Glossy sleeve, this is one quality release.

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Mike said...

After reading this post, I downloaded the album. Listening to it right now, and loving it. I'm going to have to order myself a copy!