Sunday, 18 December 2011

krakdown-s/t 7" repress

This was originally released back in the day on common cause records minus a couple of tracks that are featured here on this better looking repress by state of mind records. There are just 500 of these pressed. Listening to this reminded me that Krakdown were a pretty overlooked and underrated band. It's not surprising really as they were always going to be overshadowed by the likes of YOT, Warzone, Gorilla biscuits,SOIA, sheer terror etc and all the other bands that dominated New York in the late 80's. Even on the awesome 'NYC hardcore-the way it is' (easilly one of my all time favourite hardcore comps) it's easy to forget that they were actually on it despite their contribution being really good. Shame really that it's a repress of a long out of print and largely forgotten record that is the reason I'm reminded properly of this band. Anyway if you haven't Krakdown this band then I highly recommend this. It's raw and hard and the lyrics are cool. Much better than any of what NYHC turned into during the 90's with shit bands like 25 Ta life etc. State of mind are putting a discography I believe. I look forward to that.

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