Friday, 2 December 2011

Hang the bastard/Brotherhood of the lake-Split 7"

Hang the bastard have been around for two or three years as far as I'm aware and I was never that bothered about them until I saw them last year with Black breath. I picked up their LP (hellfire reign) at that show and it was a regular on my turntable and Ipod for months. I couldn't believe how much they've improved. So I was excited about a new HTB release and I ordered the full package-3 colours and the package also came with an alternate red sleeve, a patch, badge and sticker. Quite nice when you look at it as a whole. The black is the most limited colour of just 100 copies while there are 200 each of the other colours. HTB sound great on this. I saw them last weekend at the thirty days of night bash in Manchester and they were the best band on the bill next to the awesome Oathbreaker. Certainly one of my fav bands in the UK right now. Brotherhood of the lake are a band I know nothing about except they're also from the UK. They sound ok here though. Typically heavy and metallic. I'd like to hear more but this 7" is crucial in my book for HTB.

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