Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Deep wound-s/t 7"

Since this is my 200th post I wanted to do something pretty special . I have bought loads lately but I still wanted to do something a bit more than just posting about some recent item. I’ve decided to go back in time by digging out a significant record in my collection- significant for a few reasons. One because it’s one of my favourite ever 7”s and not to mention one of the pride and joy’s of my collection. Also because at that point when I bought it (1999) it was the most expensive record I had purchased at £50. Seems like a bargain now but back then it was a big deal. I knew it was a big item but there wasn’t the same price measuring tools around like Ebay (which was still in it’s infant stages) and Popsike. I had just been made permanent at work and felt like splashing out on a nice item and this one was in the pages of record collector so I called the bloke up and it was a done deal. I first stumbled across this record via bootleg in the early 90’s as it was when Dinosaur Jr were massive and this was the previous band of singer/guitarist J Mascis (who played drums on this) and bassist Lou Barlow ( playing guitar here). It was also one of the best and fastest records of that era. Recorded and released in 1983 by Radiobeat records, there were only 500 copies pressed until the said bootleg surfaced (which is a very good I must say-most bootlegs of that era looked and sounded like shit). This was Deep wound’s only proper record (apart from an appearance on a comp) and it just summed up everything about early US hardcore-fast, brash and snotty. Nearly 30 years on it’s still one of the best hardcore punk records ever and I can’t ever see that changing anytime soon.


Mike said...

Congrats on your 200th post! To celebrate, I'm going to download some Deep Wound because I've never heard them!

Mike said...

Okay...Deep Wound rule.

Mark-Sandwell said...

Thanks Mike. Glad you like them. Quite a few folk I know have never heard this record and it is a shame as it's a bonafide classic and pretty ground breaking too. Deep wound were also mentioned in the 'choosing death' book so it was definitely an influencial record.