Monday, 5 December 2011

Brain F#-Sleep rough LP (UK pressing)

After two really good catchy 7"s, North Carolina's Brain F# have dropped a full length 12" upon us. It's more of the kinda garagey punk style (they're not that easy to define)that they displayed on the singles. In the states this was a split release between Grave mistake and Sorry state records. Over the pond, us lucky Brits have a special pressing thanks to the ever reliable Static shock records. 125 on purple, 125 on clear and the rest (350) on black. I've already played this 3 times and it's getting better with each listen. Not for everyone I'm sure but I dig it. My only complaint is that the f'n download card doesn't work. Bah!!!


ET said...

Hi Mark,
Sorry to hear about your download not working, drop me a line and I can send you another code.
ellis /

Mark-Sandwell said...

cheers , will do.