Friday, 30 December 2011

Front line-Basic training 7" Purple vinyl

Just when you think there's no more hidden treasures in the early USHC archives comes along this awesome 7" which is a vinyl conversion of a long lost demo tape from 1982. I'm no expert on early 80's like some folk I know but I do love a lot of that stuff. It was some of the most hardest, urgent and authentic music ever. Of course a lot of it wasn't well played or well produced but that was it's charm. That said, like anything there's a lot of mediocre stuff out there and you have to wade through some junk to find the good shit so it's great when something like this shows up. Beach impediment records have done an awesome job here. The packaging is simple but still nice and even features a sticker and an old interview with the band. Obviously a real labour of love. 400 on black and 100 on purple and would you believe that they've already sold out? Hope for a second pressing. Hey, if he does another colour I'll buy one.

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