Thursday, 8 December 2011

Death is not glamorous-Soft clicks LP Test press

Another one for my dead & gone records test press collection. This time it's the 'soft clicks' LP by Death is not Glamorous (or DING as they also seem to be known as). I love this band and I love this album-so much that this marks my 4th copy. It's just nice, positive feel good hardcore punk although it seems wierd listening to them at this time of year-they're more of a summer band, not that we really get summers anymore in the UK. This didn't come with a special cover or anything-just a plain white dust sleeve. There's only 10 of these I believe.


Anonymous said...

Amazing to see all those D&G test presses.

What I find is that some costs quite a few bucks but a few weeks later you can pick it up for less than the half.

I bought the DING/D&O test press for 7 pounds last week, the last two times I have seen it, it went for 25 and 30 pounds.

Mike said...

This band came up in one of my random playlists a couple weeks ago. I've never spent a lot of time listening to them, but I really liked what I was hearing. Still, I've never been pushed to check out the Soft Clicks album. I may do that today!

Mark-Sandwell said...

Yeah I have paid a bit in the past for certain D&G test pressings-it's just timing I guess. This one wasn't too bad at £15.
Mike, they have a new LP out and it's highly recommended.