Thursday, 22 December 2011

Morbid angel MMXI box set

Anyone who knows me prety well is aware that I have a soft spot for some old metal stuff. I was more into Thrash than death metal as when Death metal started getting big in around 1989 I was already really into hardcore and it's attitude so I kinda shunned metal for a bit because I realised how silly a lot of the lyrics and images were (always loved slayer and old metallica though). When I was really into grind and power violence around 1992-3 I started listening to a bit of death metal too and along with Entombed, Autopsy etc, Morbid angel were always one of my favourites. Nearly 20 years later and I'm buying represses of their classic records in the form of this box set which collects their four best albums ('altars of madness', 'Blessed are the sick', 'Covenant' and 'Domination'). As you can see these all come on white vinyl and also in nice gatefold sleeves. This box set was limited to just 100 and they didn't last long in the earache store. One has already gone for a daft price on ebay and there's some silly cunt trying to sell one for £666 although I can't see him getting that. Still, some of us actually buy records because we actually like the music and even play them from time to time not to simply make some quick cash.

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