Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Best of 2011

Ok I know this is slightly late but I nearly didn't bother doing this as there was so much good stuff last year it wasn't easy picking out the best. Simply put 2011 was another awesome year for music and I bet that I've missed something out. Here goes-this is what kicked my ass in '11.

Best LPs
Crusades- The sun is down and the night is riding in (It’s alive)
Ringworm-Scars (Victory)
Take offence-Tables will turn (Reaper)
40 watt sun-The inside room
Midnight-Satanic royalty (Hell’s headbangers)
Rot in hell-Pearls before swine (Deathwish)
Amebix-Sonic mass (Easy action)
Reproach-The bitter end (Deep six)
Nightbirds-Other side of madness (Grave mistake)

Agitator-Walls closing in (Six feet under)
Iron chic/Pacer-split (all in vinyl)
Hope defeated-2010 demo (Endless quest)
Death evocation-s/t (Quality control)
Social cirkle-Expiry date (Self released)

Public Enemy-Manchester (September)
Take offence-Manchester (June)
Poison planet-Manchester (July)
Social cirkle-Liverpool (may)
Iron maiden-Manchester (July)


Mike said...

Saw Public Enemy a few years (5?)ago. Flava Flav had a hard time remembering the least they had a vocal track playing in the background so he could try and follow along. Disappointing.

Mark-Sandwell said...

Every time I've seen them (1992, 2008 and last year) they've always delivered. Especially in 2008 where they did 'it takes a nation' in it's entirity. Each time I've seen them I've been blown away.

J@oldschoolslobberknocker said...

That Hope Defeated 7" really does kick!!!