Sunday, 8 January 2012

Burning witch-box set

This seems like I've been waiting for this forever. Southern Lord announced they were doing this ages ago-I got to thinking it would never see the light of day (on vinyl at least, the CD version came out a while ago).
It's hard to think that Burning witch were only around a year or so (1996-7)but they left such a devastating effect on a lot of today's doom/sludge bands. They featured Stephen O'Malley who I bet you own at least one record that he's on. I first heard Burning witch at the beginning of 1999. I had just got the 'towers' 12" from the legendary and sadly now defunct Slapaham records and was blown away. I loved shit like Grief, eyehategod etc but this was heavy music taken to another level.
Skip forward to 2012 and here we are-the box set finally arrives at my house. At first I thought this was a really expensive item (especially with postage costs) but I'm really pleased with it. You get the entire studio works (including the afforementioned 'towers' and also 'Rift canyon dreams'-which I only previously had on mp3) and also a live recording spread across 4 heavyweight back vinyls in individual sleeves. Also you get a lush 12" sized glossy booklet with photos of the band and some cool illustrations. There's also a DVD included which features a live show from 1996 and some sketchy looking cable show from early 1997 with them preforming a live session. If that wasn't enough early pre-orders came with a limited shirt-made up especially for this release.
In the past I've had issues with ordering stuff from southern lord but they did good this time-this came well packaged, they made sure I didn't get stung by customs and they even threw in a free Hidden hand CD and some posters. Most importantly they sent the actual item that I ordered.

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