Thursday, 12 January 2012

Antisect-Tour 10"

When I first heard about Antisect reforming and playing again I thought it was weird. After all, they're not all vegetarian anymore so it seemed a bit phoney to me especially since some of their lyrics were about animal rights and stuff. I heard there was going be a self released 10" made up and sold only at their upcoming shows. I wanted one being a nerd and all and to complete the collection but wasn't too bothered about actually going to see them. Then something cropped up and I couldn't make the Liverpool show anyway. Thankfully My mate, Lee was at the show and agreed to grab one for me. (By accounts, they were very disapointing live.)
The first track '4 minutes past midnight' is previously unreleased and was recorderd back in 1982. On the flip side is a re-recording of the 1985 classic 'Out From The Void ' and it still sounds good. Antisect definately were one of the best from that early 80's anarcho punk scene (better than Crass-who musically, were fairly overrated) and definately influencial to a lot of bands. I'm not sure how many of these records were pressed. As you can see, it's nothing to look at and features two songs that could have easily fitted on a 7". It cost £8 too so it wasn't too cheap for what it actually is. I wonder if they sold many of them. I can just imagine them sitting on a pile and waiting to be sold on their next reunion tour in 2020 or something.

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