Monday, 23 January 2012

IRON CHIC- Shitty Rambo 7" Red

There were two bands that I discovered last year that got played constantly on the Ipod and the stereo. They were Crusades and Iron Chic. It's funny thinking back because I don't know what made me check them out initially. They're both pretty different to a lot of the stuff I listen to but I am getting more and more broad minded with music as I get older anyway. So this is the first Iron Chic 7". I missed it when it came out but Dead broke rekids had some that they unearthed so I jumped on a copy. Mine's on red vinyl. Apparently it's from the 2nd press and there are 333 of them. As with everything else they've done, these 4 tunes are just totally rocking and extremely infectious. It's like the best bits of Samian, Seaweed etc combined. Just fucking awesome!!!!!


mcs said...

Dude... you need to change the angle you take photos from. The flash kinda ruins these pics.

Gavin said...

LOVE this band. The fact they sing from the perspective of ageing, jaded dudes is real refreshing.