Saturday, 28 January 2012

Slayer-Reign in blood Demos LP

It goes without saying that the majority of people I know into metal or hardcore (but were into metal first) would rate 'Reign in blood' as one of their all time favourite albums ever. I know I do. It's 25 years since I first heard it and it still does and always will reside in my top 5 list. To say it was a landmark in heavy music is a gross understatement. Anyway I really could spend all week going on about why it is so great so I'll just get to this newly unleashed bootleg of demos or rehearsals (which is what they sound more like) from the 'Reign in blood' sessions. Without the polish and big production the album has (which is a crucial factor in why it is such a classic and sounds so fresh and heavy after all this time)these songs taken out of that comfort zone are raw, more vicous sounding and frankly feel more dangerous. Like a rabid dog off a leash that will attack you at any second. Some of the tracks are without vocals and there's some extra stuff on at the end. Like most bootlegs you have to crank up the volume to get the best impact. For die hard Slayer fans this is recommended but there are only 100 copies of these I believe and a couple have gone for a bit on good ol' ebay. As you you can see it's on a marble red-ish colour but should have been just a clear red vinyl. That's the only way to release Slayer records as far as I'm concerned.

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