Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Orange Goblin-A eulogy for the damned LP

Whenever anyone asks me to describe Orange goblin, I don't say stoner or doom etc, I just say it's ROCK!!!!! These guys have been around a while, put out some great records and they're a treat to see live too. In fact seeing these with Firebird and Solace at the end of 2010 was one of the best gigs of that year for me. There was a rumour going around a couple of years ago that they were splitting up. Thankfully that didn't happen otherwise we wouldn't have this new album, released on back on black (and I thought they only put out reissues!!!). It's more of the same Goblin trademark sound-in other words it ROCKS!!! My mate says whenever he listens to the goblin that he feels like having a beer. Well I don't drink anymore but I can get behind that statement. In a lush gatefold sleeve and on clear wax. Awesome!!!

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Mike said...

Awesome! I didn't know this was out yet. Will definitely have to check it out.