Friday, 3 February 2012

V/A "No Peace/War comp” 7” Test press

Nate, the old singer of Rot in hell was selling some of his RIH raraties recently. I missed out on the kvlt ov kali box set due to my own stupid fault when I didn't get back to him straight away. It went for big money!!! I didn't make the same mistake twice when he emailed me to say someone had flaked on this test pressing and that I could have it for a reasonable price. I posted about this 7" comp (on organised crime records)last year when I scored the box set with all the colours in it. It's basically a holy terror fan's wet dream. Bands like Integ, RIH etc doing covers of songs from old Jap hardcore bands. This is limited to 35 which is pretty high for a test pressing. Anyway nice to have it although I know there's a rejected test press out there too so no doubt I'll have to snap one of those up whenever I see one. Nate also threw in a End Reign 7". What a nice chap!!!


Edumtr said...

Great blog man! Check Out and lets exchange banners/links! Cheers! lml

Mark-Sandwell said...

Thanks. Will do.