Sunday, 26 February 2012

Disaster-War cry 12" Repress

Wooaaah!!! As represses go this could be one of the very best ever. Paco of La Vida Es Un Mus records has done us proud. This version features an obi strip, a booklet, a Japanese transalation sheet and a 2 song flexi which are Discharge covers taken from two old compilation albums. I picked up an original copy of the 12" last year but I'm just as stoked to get this. Disaster were a short lived band from Halifax in the early 90's. They worshipped Discharge as is evident on this record. The real Discharge were playing wank metal and it was years before the term D-beat was coined yet that is exactly what it was. Since then the original has become the holy grail amongst D-beat collectors. Yet fear no more, you don't have to pay silly money to own a vinyl copy anymore. A limited amount are on white vinyl and the rest on black but only 1000 will be pressed ever with the flexi so get on it.

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