Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Deathbed-Oppression 7"

For every douchebag that you encounter in this weird little universe we call hardcore punk there's always some saint that comes along and restores your faith in it. Such a guy is Rich Perri. After learning that I got fleeced last year off the thief who 'ran' Nothing in vain records he kindly decided to send me one of the records that I was meant to get. What a dude!
The record was Deathbed's 'oppression' 7". 3 tracks of metallic vegan straight edge hardcore that sounds like it has been transported directly from the mid 90's. No surprise but these guys have signed to Catalyst records so expect more greatness. It's a shame that this record was released by such a shady chracter as it makes getting a copy pretty difficult but some of these have sent out to distros so hopefully more people will be able to check it out. I think Rich still has copies so if you live in the UK or Europe head over to www.muempire.bigcartel.com and ask him and hopefully he should be able to hook you up. Cheers man, much appreciated.

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