Sunday, 19 February 2012

Our war-If you're not now...10" RED

Our war were a Canadian sXe band from over 10 years ago and I could be wrong here but I think they featured the guy who did 'Town of hardcore' fanzine. Anyway, they played some good HARD music and spat out some pissed off lyrics (mainly about sXe of course). Aside from a demo (also pressed on vinyl by Deranged-who did this)I think this was their only release. I first discovered this years after their demise-around 2006 when I picked it up cheap on CD. When I discovered it was out on colour vinyl-it became a want of mine. Not a major mind you, just one that if and when it popped up at the right price I would get it. So eventually it did this week when I scored this off a guy who was selling a bunch of stuff. Unlike some of my blogger buddies I quite like the 10" format if it is used like a 12"(putting just 2 tracks on one is lame). This does look pretty sweet though it must be said. I still need the demo 7" though.

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Mike said...

I really like this record. Like you, I've got it on CD, but would pick up the vinyl if the price was right.