Saturday, 11 February 2012

Iron curtain-Demo 2011 7"

How's this for a bit of luck, I went to the Anger battery site ordered a record from their distro section and about a week later got an email saying I'd won a test press draw, which one did I want-the Times together or Iron curtain 7"? I chose the IxC 7" even though I hadn't heard it before. It seemed daft just owning a test press of a record so I ordered a regular copy on white vinyl too.
Musically this is straight from the late 80's sXe style. Done really well and with cool lyrics,this band wouldn't be out of place on Lockin' out records or even React records. I wanna hear more. As you can see the test press is a rip of the classic Iron cross 7". Why not, they both have 'iron' in their name. Just 12 of these bad boys, mine is number 11. This was a great surprise. Shame that doesn't happen evry time I buy a record. I would have a big test press collection if it did.

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Mike said...

Great score! That Iron Curtain record is so good.