Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Enough-Something we can build 7"

It was Mike that introduced me to this band last year when he did a post about their Demo which the band had self released as a 7". There was a MP3 attached so I had a listen and was so impressed that I ordered the record (all 3 colours of it). As a demo it was better than 90% of the 'proper' releases that I had heard around that period. Sure it was original or anything but it had a sharp, clear and passionate sound that immediately grabbed my attention. So here is the band's second 7" (or first official 7" depending on how you look at it). The US pressing comes from Iron mind records. 94 were pressed on this nice orange colour apparently. Assault records are doing the European pressing. This is more of the same musically (Y'know straight up SxE HC!!) but the lyrics are super cool. Not just about pointing your finger at someone who's stabbed you in the back. Get on it!!!!!!


Mike said...

Great band, but I think the sound really suffers on this 7 inch. I think the demo and the first record has much better production. Still the passion and intensity can not be denied!

Mark-Sandwell said...

I agree. Soundwise I prefer the Demo 7" but this is still cool-especially the lyrics.

Mike said...

No doubt about it. My copies of the Euro press arrived looks much better than this pressing.