Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ceremony-Covers 12"

2010's 'Rhonert park' was a huge surprise for me because not only was it a change of musical direction for the band it also became one of my most played things of that year. Actually it shouldn't have been that surprising really as I saw the band the previous year and they were playing a lot of that stuff anyway but I had forgotten all about that just before the record came out. Following on where they left off this one sided 12" of covers features songs previously played by the likes of Crisis, Urban waste, Eddie and the subtitles and more. Normally the idea of a record of just cover versions wouldn't excite me but this really does hit the spot. The etched vinyl looks superb too. What I would have liked more though is if they had included a cover of a full on thrash /power violence band like Infest or crossed out or someone similar- you know, to give us a reminder of what they used to be like.

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