Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Time has come-s/t 7" Red

The youth crew revival in the late 90's got tedious really quickly. Cliched band names, generic music and lyrics with really corny record sleeve artwork/covers- you know the thing that killed it in the late 80's. For every one In my eyes or Floorpunch there would be at least a dozen lame ass bands that nobody either remembers or cares about these days. It also meant some of the better bands got lost in the shuffle somewhere like Ohio's Time has come. Sure, with a cover like that it would be easy to write it off as another worthless generic dud but seeing on the back cover it was produced by Bill Korecky at Mars studio (Clevo HC fans will know what that means) I thought it was worth a look (well listen) and I was surprised, shocked even to find out how decent it is. First of all, the production is really good and strong (something a lot of the 90's 88 wannabes lacked) and the lyrics are good-a cut above the usual 'you stabbed me in the back and now I'm going to point my finger at you' variety which plagued a lot of these records. The music is harder too yet still retains the classic hardcore style. This was released in 1999 by CI records (which stands for corrupted image). As far as I'm aware they have another 7" out which I'll have to try and hunt down. Shame the cover is so crap but as the old saying goes you always can't judge a record by it's sleeve.

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