Saturday, 11 June 2011

Ringworm-The promise LP Test Press

A389 records recently had a 24 hour test pressing sale on their site a bit ago and of course being me I had to get involved especially as I missed out last time. The problem was choosing my items as there was plenty of good (and expensive)shit on there and I would have broken the bank tootally if I had gotten everything that I really wanted so in the end I had to limit myself to two items-those being 'Hallways of the always' by Rot in Hell and of course this-the debut album by Ringworm. Hell, I've loved this record since it first came out in the early 90's (originally on Indecision records). A couple of years ago it was reissued by A389 to a new generation of Clevo hardcore fanatics. As far as test pressing go this is an awesome package-cool sleeve and it's on colour vinyl too, numbered out of 20. This is the accepted version (I couldn't afford a rejected version as well). This record never gets tiresome-a true classic.

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