Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fucked Up-Looking for gold 12”

Fucked up are a band who are a headache for record collectors. With well over thirty 7”s and around 10 LPs and 12”s it’s safe to say they have just a bit of stuff out. Not surprising really when Singer Damien is a huge collector but what is surprising though is that apparently he doesn’t own any fucked up records himself. You think he’d have a sneaky test press somewhere in his house. With yet a new record out it reminded me that I picked this up a bit ago and forgot to post it. It’s one of their more sought after releases and was limited to just 300 copies. It’s one record I patiently sat on avoiding to pay through the nose on ebay knowing a copy would wind up in my collection someday and it did-at a reasonable price too. Fucked up have morphed from a straight up hardcore punk band into something totally different and avant garde over the years. This self released 12” was recorded around the time it started getting weird but who really could have predicted how big they would become? Big festivals, playing arenas with bands like The arcade fire etc. Pretty mad. So while I don’t envision me getting hold of every fucked up record on the planet I think this is a good one to own.

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