Wednesday, 8 June 2011

NO PEACE/WAR 7” comp box set

Here we are-a compilation of Holy terror bands doing covers of classic Japanese hardcore groups released by the ever reliable Organised crime records-it seems surprising that this has taken up until now to happen but Dwid did try to get such a project off the ground in the 90's to no avail-which is where this old Gehenna track came from. Other bands included are Integrity (of course), Rot in hell, cape bats and Vegas. I've never been a huge fan of Jap hardcore really (as I have already mentioned in previous posts) and profess to know very little about it. I did however see SOB back in 1989 playing alongside with Napalm death (the classic line up before that muppet Barney took over the mic) and it was a killer show apart from some dumb metalhead landing on top of me while stage diving and nearly breaking my neck in the process. Rot in hell do a SOB cover on here so that tale is kind of relevant. I was one of the lucky ones and managed to grab a limited box set with all four colours of vinyl-just limited to 35. As you can see I got number 15. The yellow and red vinyls were limited to 185 each and the blue and green ones to 135 each and each version comes with a individually coloured sleeve-cool, uh? This is a nice little item and one more fine addition to the holy terror cannon.

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Dobek Ohashi said...

This is the best looking boxset I have ever seen. I can't even think of one that comes close to this.