Monday, 13 June 2011

Rot in hell-Hallways of the always LP Test press

Some people confuse this as the debut LP from Rot in Hell but those in the know are aware that this is just a collection of tracks from their 7", split 7"s and comps. Still this was many an American's introduction to the powerhouse that is Rot in hell (and probably the best band in the UK right now). I rememember going to the record release gig for this LP and guess what-the records hadn't turned up so I never did get one of those special show only editions (that were sold afterwards, obviously and I missed out). Anyway this does mark my 4th copy of this record and I got it during A389's 24 hour test press sale and it does look pretty nice I must say. I've really got the bug for getting hold of test pressings at the moment but as Marcus will tell you, it's not exactly a cheap hobby.


mcs said...

I only wish I had gotten the bug for test pressings 15 years ago. Think of the uber rare shit we could have scooped up in the 90s if only we had realised that tests were cool back then. Dipshits, the pair of us!

(Except for the Chain of Strength test press I bought from Alan Woods in 1995, of course, which is the exception to the rule)

Mark-Sandwell said...

Yeah I remeber picking up a clutch 12" test press in the 90's and offering it you (you declined) and then selling it on egay a few years later. Regret that now, wish I still had it.

mcs said...

I remember you telling me about this a few years ago. I have no memory of it, but I'm not surprised as I didn't used to like tests. I'm sure it was a test of the first 12" on Earache though. I would probably kill for that now. What a bellend!