Thursday, 23 June 2011

Gentleman's pistols-At her majesty's pleasure LP Clear

At long last, the eagerly awaited (at least by me) second long player from the Gent's pistols. Is it really over three and half years since the last one came out? I remember getting that one, playing it a few times and then leaving it until about a year later and then really, really getting into it. Don't think it will take that long with this as I've already played it about 3 times this week and although it's instantly likeable it's still got to grow on me properly. So far I still prefer the first album but who knows, time will tell. Rise above were quick with this order. There's just 100 of these on clear and they went pretty quick. There's 3 other colours (including the black vinyl). I pre-ordered one cheap off HMV so I'll probably end up with the black one. It's a shame RA didn't do a die hard version although in hindsight it's probably better for my bank account anyway. If you haven't heard this band and love straight up 70's style Rock then do so now. You are missing out.


Mike said...

Lightning fast service this time from RA! FedEx called today and I should expect my package tomorrow.

Mark-Sandwell said...

They must have hired new staff or at the very least, more staff.

Mooney said...

This is a quality album Mark mate.