Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Black friday '29-Blackout 7" 2002 Tour

Managed to bag this 7" rather cheap by German greats Black friday 29 which was sold on their European tour back in 2002. Despite 3 albums , this record and a split 7" with Death before dishonor (which bridge nine released) I still think these guys are overlooked. I've never seen them either but as far as I'm aware they're still around so there's time yet. I love exclusive tour/show items. It's a great reminder and souvenir of a gig even though I didn't actually go to any on this tour.


outofstepsince81 said...

As far as I can remember the majority of the shows didn't happen.

They did do a last minute show in Arnhem, Netherlands on the 23th, which was crazy since the line up was great, same as the turn out and it was the first time I went to see Dead Stop.

These bands played that night:
Black Friday '29, Dead Stop, Know Your Enemy, Death Or Glory, What Went Wrong.

Mark-Sandwell said...

Awesome, that sounds like a great, great show.