Thursday, 2 June 2011

Judge-The storm 7" Yellow

For some reason I never owned a copy of this on vinyl as I only previously had the CD single. Feel like a right amateur especially since they're such horrible things. The only advantage the CD single had over the vinyl is that it included a stonking cover version of Led Zep's 'when the levee breaks'. This was Judge's last record and although it wasn't up there with their album in terms of sheer classic hardcore it did deliver and showed a more mature side of the band (even though one of the tracks 'The storm' was a re-working of a track off 'Bringin' it down'). As was with the standard back in those days, Rev pressed up 1000 of these on colour and although that seems like a lot now back then it wasn't really as many people still mainly bought vinyl as opposed to CDs (especially 7"s). I managed to score this a while back but had forgotten about it. Still better late than never.

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