Sunday, 22 May 2011

SSS-s/t LP Test pressing

Decided to expand the SSS collection by adding a fifth copy of their first album to it. A test pressing, it's about as basic looking -wise as you can get but when there's only 10 of them, it makes it the rarest version I own. Still I wish they I had done a cover for it though. Scary to think it's around 5 years since this was released. Originally released on dead&gone and thrashgig records (which this copy is)it was re-released when they signed to Earache (and more pressings followed). Now I wonder if I can bag a test pressing from the earache stock?


Mike said...

Given the creative "Waltons" pressing, I'm surprised the test doesn't have some cool, limited cover.

Mark-Sandwell said...

I'm tempted to ask Dave, the drummer to draw a special cover for me. Ha.