Saturday, 28 May 2011

Black flag-Process of weeding out 10"

My least favourite Black flag release on 10" colour vinyl. This version was released in 1990 and according to Chuck Dukowski (who played bass and also worked at SST records) there were only a few hundred of them. Balck flag colour vinyl is highly sought after these days so it was by luck I got this off the bay cheap because the seller didn't mention it was colour vinyl in the main title of the listing. I just never got this record. Don't get me wrong Gregg Ginn is one of my all time favourite guitarists but these 4 instrumentals just sound really ordinary. Despite the lack of fondness I have for this I'm still happy to own a colour copy and slot it in my collection. Sadly my copy came with a slight crease on the corner of the cover. Damn royal mail!!!!!!!

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