Monday, 16 May 2011

Double Negative: Daydreamnation 12" pink

I remember Lins posting this up on his blog and kicking myself as the pink vinyl was already sold out. I snoozed and I lost. Anyway over a year later I managed to track one of these beauties down and it is one of the best packaging jobs I've seen for a long time on a hardcore record. Hot pink wax that blends well with the foil sleeve and even includes a strip for the sleeve. This photo honestly doesn't do it justice. Double negative play some raw and stripped down in yer face hardcore, these guys are lifers and have been around for years in various bands from the late 80's. A new 7" is on the cards (also on Sorry state who released this), get in!!!!

1 comment:

Lins87 said...

Nice score, it truly is an impressive package, and well worth the cash paid for it.