Sunday, 15 May 2011

Social cirkle 7"s

Man, I love Social cirkle. I got these 7"s (both released by No way) when they came out but the colour versions were gone by the time I placed an order (they went really quick as I recall). Anyway not to worry I believe in destiny and I was always going to get them at some point, a bit later than I expected but here you go. This is the second pressing of 'Static eyes' on white and there was 500 of these, as for 'I've got afflictions' there were 200 of these on clear. I still need some bits and pieces like the 'city shock' LP on clear or the No way fest version as well as 'static eyes' on yellow. If you have these and can live without them let me know. Also they're playing Liverpool in over a week's time. I'm already there dude.

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Lins87 said...

Love this band..touring over here soon to.